Mel Ramos (1935, American)

April 23, 2009 at 1:17 pm (RAMOS Mel) (, , , , , )

you-get-more-salami-with-modiglianiYou Get More Salami With Modigliani

manets-olympiaManet’s Olympia

velasquez-visionVelasquez Vision

touche_le_boucherTouche le Boucher

nude-descending-the-staircaseNude Descending The Staircase

virnaburger-girl-virna-lisiVirnaburger Girl (Virna Lisi)

doggie-dinah-claudia-schifferDoggie Dinah (Claudia Schiffer)

five-flavor-funny-uma-thurmanFive Flavor Funny (Uma Thurman)

navajo_nudeNavajo Nude

plenti-grande-odalisqueGrande Odalisque

woman_in_bath-tubWoman In Bath Tub

spark_plugSpark Plug

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